I'm a designer and illustrator who simply loves to create and learn. No matter what new project comes my way. I grew up loving comics and cartoons, so much of my reason for getting involved in the arts stems from these roots. However, as technology improves, new methods of creation evolve and I learn more about the world as well as myself, I'm driven to give back to the world. Because of this, I make it a point to only take on projects that I find meaningful, fulfilling and educational, both for myself and others. 

In the past I've worked with fantastic clients such as Live Nation, AAA, Six Flags, Coca-Cola, Converse, Threadless, Marvel, Adobe, Bud Light, Nike, Cartoon Network, EA, Bioware, SquareEnix, Crystal Dynamics, Entertainment Weekly, StubHub!, Krispy Kreme, Gogo Inflight, Scientific American, The Weather Channel, Go Go, McGraw Hill, Boom!Studios, Pitchfork, Arcade Brewery, The House Theatre of Chicago, and more. I've also had the honor of showcasing my work in 3x3, Communication Arts, and Spectrum.